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English Electric Type 3 (Class 37) - D6704

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  • BR green with full yellow ends (late 1960s)
  • Split Headcode with four-character display
  • Nose connecting doors
  • No nose corner grab irons
  • Bufferbeam cowling with large round Oleo buffers
  • As delivered bufferbeam configuration with vacuum/steam/control pipes and multiple working equipment
  • Original windscreens and cab interior
  • Boiler exhaust and steam valve
  • Double-riveted roof with large cab roof vent
  • Fabricated bogies
  • Original underslung fuel and water tanks
  • Frost grille
  • Early cantrail grille with riveted surround

    Common Features:

    • Highly detailed OO scale model, 1:76.2
    • Heavy die-cast metal chassis
    • Accurate tumbleholme, nose, cab roof and cantrail curves taken from 3D Laser scan and extensive surveys
    • Timeframe specific details, including but not limited to;
      • Bogies (Fabricated and three variations of Cast)
      • Fuel tanks (As built and with later smooth-sided long range fuel tank)
      • Early Class 37/0 features frost grille, boiler filler panel and access steps
      • Early Class 37/0 features illuminated split headcode displays with a selection of different four-character headcodes
      • Class 37/6 have operational WIPAC light clusters and top headlight and numerous different nose slides all including multiple working socket
      • Three styles of buffer: large round Oleo, oval and squared oval
      • Three styles of nose grilles: as built, refurbished ‘split’ and refurbished ‘single piece’
      • Boiler exhaust, and two styles of plated boiler panel
      • With or without bufferbeam skirts
      • With or without cab roof vents and bodyside windows
      • Nose and roof aerials and antennas (where applicable)
      • Three styles of windscreen: standard, centre toughened and all toughened
      • Three styles of cab interior: as built, refurbished and modern DRS locos
      • Four bufferbeam variations with different piping configurations
      • Door kickplates where applicable
    • Multiple body and nose slides to accurately represent almost every member of the class, including three variations of cantrail grille: early EE (for D6700-D6704), later EE and RSH
    • Four roof styles: Original double riveted, single riveted, welded and welded with antennas
    • Separately applied etched metal and high fidelity plastic detail parts, including grab handles, aerials, steps, wipers, nameplates, crests and more.
    • Etched metal door kickplates (where applicable), ‘frost’ grille (where applicable) & super fine etched metal roof grille
    • Scale width wire handrails
    • Turned brass roof-mounted horns on centre headcode examples
    • Full underbody tank detail with brackets and pipework
    • Bogies feature separate footsteps, etched footsteps, brake cylinders, speed recorder, end brake rigging and very fine brake chain
    • Brake blocks on trucks (bogies) in line with wheels (can be moved for EM/P4 gauges)
    • Numerous other locomotive-specific details yet to be revealed!
    • RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels with fine scale ‘drop in’ EM (18.2mm gauge) and P4 (18.83mm gauge) wheels available separately
    • Accurate high-fidelity miniature snowploughs
    • Fully sprung metal buffers, extra-fine factory-installed pipework and screw couplings
    • Correct height mini-tension-lock couplers with NEM socket as well as a fully detailed bufferbeam
    • Provided DCC ready [21Pin MTX Socket] or Factory DCC Sound Fitted [ESU LokSound 5]
    • Every model includes PowerPack / Backup Power Capacitor Bank for up to ten seconds of power free running, flicker free lighting and continuous sound
    • DCC Sound Versions include;
      • ESU LokSound V5 DCC Chip
      • Customised Dual-Speaker Technology with;
        • Large EM2 Style Bass Speaker
        • Smaller 'iphone' style cube for higher frequencies
    • High Performance traction, to include;
      • High-quality five-pole motor with two flywheels
      • Metal Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running
      • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve a scale top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h)
      • DCC ready with PowerPack Super-capacitor for uninterrupted power and super low speed running
      • All wheel drive and all wheel pickup
    • Fully detailed Lighting Pack, including: 
      • Directional lighting on DC and DCC
      • Fully functional Headlights per prototype
      • Engine Bay Lighting (with visible Prime Mover)
      • WIPAC light clusters where appropriate with day and night-time settings
      • Separately switched cab lighting and illuminated, details driver’s console, auto off on movement
      • Switchable red tail lights
    • RP25-110 wheels OO wheels with provision for re-gauging to p4 and EM gauge
    • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)

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